Swirl | Westkust


Zach Lyons

Sweden is typically associated with frigid climate, blonde-haired Scandinavian folk, and of course, Vikings. With that said, it is not where one would expect an indie rock summer anthem to hail from.

Straight out of Gothenburg comes Westkust: the stereotype-shattering shoegazers who recently signed to American label Run for Cover Records. Their new album’s title track “Swirl” is an exercise in indie essentials including elements of punk, surf rock, and shoegaze all bound by a delicate pop rhythm.

The guitar textures are what stand out the most on this track, as they wail and bend behind elegant vocals. You will most definitely hear a hint of indie legends My Bloody Valentine on this track, and that’s excellent in every way.

Scandinavia, we were wrong about you. We’re sorry and we hope you keep producing great bands like Westkust.

If you enjoy “Swirl”, listen to the rest of the debut LP from Westkust, Last Forever.