The Basement | 7.9.15


Dom Korzecke

No band on The Basement this week, but we had a kick butt playlist! Below is what we played!

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Mr Denton on Doomsday – Mushrooms and Question Blocks
Cave Needles – You’ve Found Me
The Tiny Ugly Germs – Gray Sub-Compact
The Vulnerable – Time Spent Wondering
Sidelined – Blind (redux)
The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – You Cant Make Someone Love You if They Don’t
Frontier Ruckus – Silverfishes
Squirrel Shaped Fish – Learn to Love
Small Parks – Parallel Thoughts
Cheap Girls – Knock Me Over
Alaska – Oakridge
Desmond Jones – Mt. Meesha
Bluffing the Ghost – Boxing Blind
Secret Grief – Daisy
Little American Champ – Worse Days
The Plurals – Proly Knot
Less is More – Maybe We’ll Die
The Distorted Waltz – Rollin the Dice
Mike Mains and the Branches – Miracles
Frank and Earnest – New Traditions
So Long Naota – Celestial Something or Other
Mark D Beats – Just a Game
Backpacks – Sunrise (Without You)
Narc Out the Reds – As Hipster Do
Summerpunx – College Freshman
Entransient – Take Whats Left
Gifts or Creatures – Telegraph Champ