Pity Party | 6.17.15


Kevin Kortas

Host Kevin played some jams and had one lucky listener spill her guts on air to win a pair of tickets to see Eskimeaux, Wayne Szalinski, Elvis Depressedly, and Mitski at the Pyramid Scheme this Friday courtesy of our pals @ Fusion Shows. Tune in next week to hear from a special guest!

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Algernon Cadwallader – I Wanna go to the Beach

Snowing – Why Am I Not Going Underwater?

Gates – Sleepwalker

Lemuria – Dream Eater

Joie De Vivre – I’d Be Upset If I Broke Up With Me Too

Radiator Hospital – Fireworks

Porches – The Cosmos

Hightide Hotel – She Dreams of Melting Rocks

Sunny Day Real Estate – Isacarabaid

Failure – Another Space Song

Hum – Why I Like The Robins

Run Forever – Big Vacation

Sorority Noise – Your Soft Blood

Citizen – Cement

MeWithoutYou – Blue Hen


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Wayne Szalinski – In The Morning

Eskimeaux – A Hug too Long

Elvis Depressedly – New Heaven, New Earth

Mitski – First Love / Late Spring

Dowsing – Where’re Here to Basketball

Winter Break – Trey

Rozwell Kid – Weirdo

Alex G – Serpent Is Lord

Brand New – Degausser

Laura Stevenson

Signals Midwest  – In Tensions

You Blew It! – Lanai

Mansions – Not My Blood

R.L. Kelly – Woke up Feeling Sad

Spraynard – Little Green Ghouls

Basement Beers – I Eat Stickers All the Time, Dude!