Pity Party | 5.27.15


Kevin Kortas

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Tigers Jaw – Between Your Band and the Other Band
Brightside – Look Alive
Somos – Streets Upon Street
Elvis Depressedly – Bruises(Amethyst)
empire!empire! (i was a lonely estate) – Stay Divided
Sledding With Tigers – Homeless
Fake Problems – Songs for Teenagers
The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no Longer Afraid to Die – Mega Steve
The Menzingers – My Friend Chris
Into It. Over It – Pontiac, MI
Kittyhawk – Welcome Home
Eskimeaux- That’s OK
Porches – Skinny Trees
Moose Blood – Boston
This Town Needs Guns – Crocodile
Colossal – Table Setting
Basement – Pine
Laura Stevenson – Nervous Rex
Castevet – I Know What a Lion Is
Mock Orange – End of the World
American Football – Honestly?
Snowing – Damp Feathers
Dowsing – Maxwell
Skull Kid – Smooth Embrace
Take One Car – Aqua Seafoam Shame
Sainthood Reps – Holiday Makers
The Dustin Change – On My Head
Senpai – Mind Honey
Seam – Berlitz
Lemuria – Rib Cage
Alex G – New