The Basement | Paint & Bled Fest


Dom Korzecke

This week on The Basement we brought in Bay City, Mich. band Paint. They played some tracks off their new album and talked about upcoming plans including an album release show June 2.

We also had a Bled Fest playlist and highlighted a lot of local bands playing this year’s fest!

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The Hex Bombs – “None Shall be Forgotten”
Cave Needles – “Designed to Collapse”
Pity Sex – “Wind Up”

Paint Interview

Monte Pride II – “January’s Fall”
Narc Out The Reds – “As Hipsters Do”
Hailey Wojcik – “Cigarette”
The Devils Cut – “Fire in the Street”

Bled Fest Playlist:
Alaska – “Oakridge”
The Vulnerable – “Time Spent Wondering”
Flint Eastwood – “Bill the Kid”
Small Parks – “Jailbird”
Bike Tuff – “Earth Purling Note”
Way To Fall – “Backseat”
Parkway and Columbia – “Asleep”
Lake Effect – “Obey None, Defy All”
We are the Union – “You Can Have this Microphone When you Pry it from My Cold Dead Fingers”
Squid the Whale – “How Do I Show These Cowboys I’m Alive?”
Boys Of Fall – “My Promise to Maryland”