Asian Music Mondays | Songkran


John Harrison

Jessica Lee

This week on Asian Music Mondays your hosts Lulu and Tie celebrate Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year’s Day which runs from April 13-15.

You will hear from artists such as Zaza Travel, Jam Siska and many more.

Tune into Asian Music Mondays for a celebration of the Thai New Year holidays with Lulu and Tie on Impact from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.!

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Songkran is similar to Puthandu in India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Songkran is especially celebrated with families visiting their hometowns and spending time with their elders.

The celebration includes a traditional water pouring ceremony which symbolizes washing all the bad luck away and sometimes the water is blessed with scented herbs.

Songkran is also celebrated in India which is called Sangken by the Buddhist community. The modernization of Songkran has grown and is still celebrated with the younger generations.

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Soon Tara Pon – “Songkran Dance”
Ying Lee – “Your Heart For My Number”
Interview with the GIFTED TONES (Gift and Tone from MSU Thai Student Association)
Tattoo Colour – “Piggy”
Interview with the GIFTED TONES (Gift and Tone from MSU Thai Student Association)
王心凌 / Cyndi Wang – Da Da Da (Taiwan, 2005)
Jay Park – Happy Ending (Korea, 2012)
Zaza Travel – Memory (Thailand,2007)
周杰伦 / Jay Chow – 我的地盘 / Territory (Taiwan, 2003)
宇多田光 / Hikaru Utada – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence FYI (Japan, 2009)
2PM – Hands Up (Korea,2011)
水木年华 / Shui Mu Nian Hua – 在他乡 / Zai Ta Xiang (China, 2003)
Jam Siska – First Love (Thailand,2009)
邓紫棋 / G.E.M – All About U (Hong Kong, 2009)
A-lin – 大大的拥抱 / Big Hug (Taiwan, 2011)