Multi-Love | Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Taylor Rummel

As the lead single and title track from their upcoming sophomore album, “Multi-Love” signifies a slight departure of sound from American and New Zealand band Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s first album. Of course, with a creative craftsmanship as revered as their own, that is not a fact to be too afraid of, and surely, with the sound on the track at hand, we have nothing to fear.

On “Multi-Love,” we are privy to a staunch-sounding psych-rock affair, one fulfilled with lead singer Ruban Nielson’s dreamy, driving, and reverbed vocals, and also hazy guitars and simple, enthusiastic drums behind them. The effort is idealistic-sounding and as fanciful as it is different, but one thing is for sure, and that is that we hope to hear similar-sounding tracks on their new album, Multi-Love, releasing on May 26.