Thee Hourz O’ Power | 4.2.15

Thee Hourz O Power | 4.2.15

Jacob Nevin

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Annihilator – “Alison Hell”
Death Angel – “Mistress of Pain”
Death – “Painkiller” (Judas Priest cover)
Vektor – “Tetrastructural Minds”
Metallica – “Trapped Under Ice”
Helstar – “Burning Star”
Uli Jon Roth – “The Sails of Charon” (Live)
Black Death – “Night of the Living”
Death Manowar – “Kill with Power”
Angra – “Spread Your Fire”

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Edguy – “Rocket Ride”
Savatage – “By the Grace of the Witch”
Der Weg Einer Freiheit – “Repulsion”
Galar – “De gjenlevende”
Dødheimsgard – “Blue Moon Duel”
Dark Funeral – “The Arrival of Satan’s Empire”
Enslaved – “Thurisaz Dreaming”
Amon Amarth – “Ride for Vengeance”
Lizzy Borden – “Psychopath”

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Heidevolk – “Winter Woede”
Heidevolk – “Herboren in vlammen”
Heidevolk – “Urth”
Heidevolk – “De hallen van mijn vaderen”
Heidevolk – “De vervloekte jacht”
Heidevolk – “Het dwalende licht”
Heidevolk – “Drankgelag”
Heidevolk – “Velua”
Heidevolk – “Een met de storm”
Heidevolk – “Richting de Wievenbelter”
Heidevolk – “In het diepst der nacht”
Heidevolk – “Vinland”
Lääz Rockit – “Bad Blood”

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Nightwish – “Shudder Before the Beautiful”
Thulcandra – “Throne of Will”
Taake – “Det fins en Prins”
Torche – “Annihilation Affair”
Mirrorthrone – “A Scream to Express the Hatred of a Race”
Ironwood – “Song of the Dane”
Blind Guardian – “…and Then There Was Silence”