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Another Eternity | Purity Ring


To say that Purity Ring’s new record was highly anticipated is a tremendous understatement. To say that the record disappoints is an equal understatement. What caught everyone’s attention with Shrines (2012) was how unforgivably unique Purity Ring allowed themselves to be; fusing dark and menacing beats from Corin Roddick with the celestial, airy vocals of Megan James, Purity Ring were not just gifted musicians, they were innovators.

This year has a different fate for Purity Ring than 2012, leaving their ever-growing fan base with an uninspired, incohesive and boring record. Another Eternity does little to capture attention as the singles (“Push Pull” and “Begin Again”) were easily the best songs off of the album, providing a decent mix of what was good about their first LP and something new, something fresh. Other tracks worth considering are “Heartsigh” and “Repetition”. The rest of the album is very forgettable, providing an uneasy mix of EDM and pop music, it seems that Purity Ring tried a little too hard to change up their sound.

Although the duo has been known to describe themselves as “future pop”, this album leaves us with a little too much “pop” and not enough “future.” Everything we have heard on this album we have heard before. Be it in a Taylor Swift song or from any of the hundreds of indie pop groups that have sprung since Purity Ring’s absence.

It seems that Purity Ring is trapped. Produce another Shrines, and we will get bored. Produce something too different from Shrines, and we will feel betrayed. Purity Ring are the latest victims of the sophomore slump; teasing us with a perfectly crafted, seamless first release, and leaving us with a dull, forgettable second release.

Another Eternity was released Mar. 3 by 4AD

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