California Nights | Best Coast

Joey Sprow

The last time we heard from Best Coast was when the LA duo released their 2013 EP Fade Away, a release notable for pushing the band in new sonic directions while retaining the studio polish of the 2012 LP The Only Place.

“California Nights”, the first song to be heard from the band’s upcoming (May 5) album of the same name opens with guitars and synth swirling together in a reverb-y haze. Soon, Bethany Cosentino’s echoing voice commands the listener’s attention, and by the time the drums come in it is clear that Best Coast have achieved a reinvention of their sound.

Self aware that she is retreading familiar lyrical territory, Cosentino cannot help asking, “But have I really grown?” at the end of the second verse.

In terms of expanding musical ambitions, this song stands as proof that she has.

* * *

Words by Joey Sprow