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Under a Rock | Waxahatchee

They say that breakups occur the most at two times throughout the year, a couple weeks before Christmas and a few weeks after Valentine’s Day. There is a host of reasons why that could happen: your partner made no effort to get a nice gift for Christmas for you, the winter blues took everything out of you so you figure “I don’t need anybody, I’ll go single!,” maybe all your friends’ seemingly perfect relationships made you question if Chet Brostofferson was really into you as a person or just liked your tanned hips.

Well, I am not here to judge you on your personal relationships and neither is Waxahatchee, but Katie Crutchfield is here to provide you with a short, to the point indie rock song for your separation on “Under a Rock”.

“Maybe you got your head caught in a ditch last night,” Crutchfield cries while strumming along on some guitar chords. The rest of the band comes in full force as Crutchfield continues, “I got to you, imparting/Now you’re someone else’s mess tonight.” Yet Waxahatchee is not all venom, “Under a Rock” takes its second half to turn the criticism onto the other party, saying “Maybe I let on that I was interested/In your brand of lonely/A book you cracked once and never read.”

The song as a whole is barely two minutes and breezes by, but it is a testament to Waxahatchee, and Crutchfield in particular, that they can pack so much emotion into less than 20 lines.

It may not be particularly happy music for the happier weather we are having, but “Under a Rock” should still make you feel something. And really, what more could we ask for this spring after that numbing winter we all pulled through?

* * *

Words by Ian Wendrow

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