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    Impact 89FM’s Sprang Break ’15 Playlist


    To help you celebrate a week without classes (any hopefully any other obligations), your Impact 89FM Music Team has curated a playlist of our favorite beach-lounging, pina colada-sipping, Spring Break-worthy tracks. Even if you’re planning on staying in Michigan, we’re looking at some tropical forty-degree weather next week – definitely celebration worthy.

    Whether you listen to it on your flight to Mexico, whilst turning up, or stuck at the office, we hope these tracks brighten your break.


    Learned to Surf – Superchunk

    Ian Lovdahl

    Even though you’re far away from school for the week, you can still learn a few things on Spring Break. Seminal college-rock outfit Superchunk want to teach you how to ride the waves with their inspirational  track, “Learned to Surf”. Featuring jaunty guitars, relentless percussion, and vocal stylings that dare you to sing along, “Learned to Surf” is a perfect song for anyone caught below the undertow.


    Island in the Sun – Weezer

    Erica Marra

    Cliché, I know… but who really cares about cliché when you’re stuck in the suburbs for the entirety of spring break, left to watch seemingly endless amounts of snow pile up outside your window? Not me! At least the beachy vibes of this classic can momentarily whisk me away from my upcoming seven days of self-pity and below freezing temperatures.


    Ghost- Ella Henderson

    Anne Abendroth

    If almost half of your Spring Break consists of being crammed into a beater car with way too many people and way too much stuff, why not at least try to liven it up. This song may be a little bit of a guilty pleasure, but what better jam to roll your windows down and sing at the top of your lungs to? I know me and my friends get a kick out of it.


    Vanished – Crystal Castles

    Jake Vaive

    Spring Break is a time for dance-y synths and catchy vocals. Fortunately, there’s a Crystal Castles song for that. If you’re like me, you’ll use Spring Break to cherish the memories you had with Crystal Castles – to reminisce on the times you drove around your suburban neighborhood with the windows down and the volume up, with no troubles and best of all; no school. R.I.P Crystal Castles, you will be dearly missed.

    Harvest Moon- Poolside

    Martha Kaser

    Though this song is more about fall than spring, this dreamy, head-bobby Neil Young cover transports me to the land of palm trees and sand no matter the month of the year. If you’re stuck in the chilly Michigan March this break, give this a listen to escape that cold. If you’re going somewhere that will hopefully result in a tan (or sunburn, in my case) give this a listen as well- this is the perfect song for a sunny day or a warm night. Enjoy, and remember your sunscreen!


    Tobacco – Nuclear Waste Aerobics

    Jacob Richards

    You’re trapped inside a room with no walls, and you’re being forced to eat some strange gelatinous substance that you can’t see because there are no windows. The slop tastes slightly reminiscent of rotten cabbage and feet. Meanwhile, the only thing your nostrils can detect is the stench of your own filthy, sweating body. Why are you sweating? Because the only solace you have is dancing to this song, vigorously, and for days on end. You were captured on your Spring Break trip never to see your family again, and this song is being played on a broken PA system somewhere far above your head, but at an incredibly high volume (someone must be able to hear this outside right??) but at least you have this song, and it’s a pretty good song too, so that’s a plus.

    …just kidding. Have fun on your Spring Break and listen to Tobacco, smoke it too I guess if that’s what you’re in to.


    Fantasy – Alina Baraz & Galimatias

    Taylor Rummel

    The popular perception of spring break involves one “turning up” with friends, family, and strangers alike, but an often overlooked aspect of the brief vacation is the time and space it provides to truly unwind. For many, the opportunity to escape work and less-than-stellar weather is one absolutely sought after, and, temporary as it may be, it can do wonders in terms of refreshing and rejuvenating one’s mind, body, and soul. Of course, music helps a great deal with all of this, too, and a listen to American singer Alina Baraz and Danish electronic producer Galimatias’ “Fantasy”, in particular, is going to go a long way toward ushering in such holistic purification. The song’s about as carefree as it gets, and if you’re fortunate enough to find yourself under a palm tree or two and/or next to a body of water this year, you won’t find many more tracks better accommodating than this.


    The Only Place – Best Coast

    Micaela Harris

    Spring break is a time to “leave the cold behind” and according to Best Coast, the only place to do that is California (obviously). Where else can you be guaranteed twelve months of gorgeous weather and beautiful Pacific beaches? While some of us may be stuck in the mitten with, what seems like, a never ending cycle of snow, sleet and negative wind chills, Californian locals are basking in the sun and hanging out on the beach. Lucky for us, Best Coast is here to make your Spring Break in the cold seem a little less grim by sharing their angsty California vibes with us all. No matter where you are, it’s easy to imagine you’re on the golden coast of California with this killer west coast anthem.


    Transpose – Bad Suns

    Kyle Swinkin

    I don’t know what it is about Bad Suns, but their music has a way of lifting my spirits. “Transpose” in particular makes me think of tropical places. Whether it be that opening guitar riff that hits you like waves rushing up on the shore, or that irresistibly catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along with your friends as you drive along the coast, this song is meant to be played under the sun (it’s in their band name after all). Although I will not be visiting any such place this Spring Break, this song will do it’s very best to still take me there.


    40 z. To Freedom -Sublime

    Andrea Jablonski

    Whether it’s actually summer or you’re just trying to create a pseudo summer a la spraaang break then Sublime is the way to go. Anytime you hear Sublime in the winter time the snow instantly melts and you’re left with sand pouring out of your ears. We’re about half way through the semester and one midterm away from 40 Oz of Freedom and a week long bender. Whether you’ll be on the beach on or wrapped in blanket on your chilly Michigan couch, this song will warm you right up.


    Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-a-Lot

    Rupali Chopra

    Relax, party, enjoy, be happy, be with friends, have fun — all are affiliated with Spring Break. No break, no party, and no good time is ever complete without this song. I think back to the times where I was in middle school and all anyone would ever do is imitate the opening lines of this song. I think of when this song plays at parties and people go crazy just by hearing the beat. I think about how everyone I know, no matter what their taste in music is, somehow knows every last word to this song. No matter where your Spring Break takes you, whether you’re on a beach or working everyday (like me, unfortunately), this classic should definitely bring upon stress-free vibes.


    Miami – Will Smith

    Christine Toth

    No matter where your Spring Break destination is, Miami by Will Smith is must have on your playlist. “No work, all play” is what Spring Break is all about (although, for me it’ll basically be the opposite). Seeing as Miami is celebrating its 18th birthday this year, it definitely has the nostalgic aspects to it that make it a classic. Whether you’ll be partying all night on the beach till the break of dawn or just hanging out at home turn it up, channel your inner 90’s child, and “jig it out”.

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