Pity Party – 3/4/15


Makenzie McNeill

brand new – sic transit gloria…glory fades

dikembe – gets harder

olde pine – for twinny

you blew it! – hope its not a deposit bottle

paramore – brighter

monument – sophisticated liars

now, now – roommates

death cab for cutie – no room in frame

blink-182 – all of this

cloud nothings – quieter today

joyce manor – heated swimming pool

westkust – touch

jimmy eat world – bleed american

algernon cadwallader – uniform

joanna gruesome – honestly do yr worst

sourpatch – stare at the sun

title fight – your pain is mine now

the cure – play for today

adventures – absolution, warmth requited

ambulars – we’re golden

pile – bump a grape

american football – letters and packages

we versus the shark – ten uh clock heart uh tack

the maple state – don’t take holidays

good luck – it gets harder

brave bird – tminusgrandgesture

tigers jaw – plane vs. tank vs. submarine

aye nako – start talking

boys night out – relapsing

have mercy – somebody’s baby

an amiable medley – and i

camera shy – over and over

alex g – soaker

broken social scene – anthems for a seventeen year old girl