Asian Music Mondays 02/03/2015 — Sports Edition

Jessica Lee

Asian Music Mondays 3/2/2015

This week on Asian Music Mondays your host Jess brings you a special guest, Nick Waterbury.  Nick will be joining Asian Music Mondays to talk about Asian athletes and sports in Asia. We’ll be discussing favorites sports stars such as Kei Nishikori, Jeremy Lin, Lydia Ko, Manny Pacquiao and much more! You can follow this week’s playlist on  This week’s music selection revolves around the pumped up kicks of sports.  You’ll be hearing music from Super Junior, SMAP, Anastacia, Mayday and more!  Don’t forget about following us on Twitter at ImpactAMM and giving us those likes on Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays. Tune in the first hour for some pumped up music before we hit 8:30PM with Nick Waterbury. You won’t want to miss Asian Music Mondays on Mondays on Impact Radio from 8 to 10pm!

1.  Stefanie Sun / 孙燕姿 – “Run / 奔”

2.  SMAP – “supotsushiyo”

3.  After School – ”Bang”

4. Super Junior – “Victory Korea”

5. Landy Wen / 温岚 – “Girls’ Power / 女力”

6. Ko Shibasaki / 柴咲 コウ – “Dive”

Sports Talk with Nick Waterbury and Jessica Lee

Tonight on Asian Sports Monday, Jess and Nick talked about Ssireum, also known as Sand Wrestling. It is a national sport of South Korea and well loved. To our surprised, many athletes in Ssireum often become famous for another things such as TV shows and stand up comedy!

Korean Ssireum Sand Wrestling 

7. VOICES OF KOREA / JAPAN – “Let’s Get Together”

8. Anastacia – “Boom”

9. Anson Hu / 胡彦斌  – “Take Me To The Sky”

10. Mayday / 五月天 – “The World Is Ours / 由我们主宰“

11. Jay Sea, Karl Wolf – “Yalla Asia”

12. K’naan, Jane Zhang, Jacky Cheung / K’naan, 张靓颖, 张学友 – “Waving Flag / 旗开得胜”

13. 2NE1 – I AM THE BEST