Jam(s) of the Day: “Lifted Up (1985)” & “Where the Sky Hangs”

Andrea Jablonski

Passion Pit’s new album Kindred is set to release in late April. Around mid February, the band released a teaser to promote the album. Like any good Passion Pit song does, “Lifted Up (1985)” leaves you in a synthetic pop bubble dream state that sort of yells at you to get on your feet and dance around. This is the first track from their new album and while it is a bit reminiscent of their last album Gossamer, it leaves you hopeful for a segue into a new musical vibe from the band. If you’re familiar with Passion Pit then this will get you excited for some new jams.


In addition to “Lifted Up (1985)” the band put out another single “Where the Sky Hangs” that sounds almost graduated from their past music. It’s a very mellow tune for Passion Pit who usually has you electrically charged with happy feels, but it’s a great one nonetheless. “Where the Sky Hangs” has a smooth sounding quality about it that truly sets it apart from what you’d expect from the band.

Words by Andrea Jablonski