Thee Hourz O’ Power – 2/26/2015

Thee Hourz O Power - 2/26/2015

Jacob Nevin


Dead Hour Noise Interview

Dead Hour Noise – Parasite

Dead Hour Noise – Sinner

Dead Hour Noise – Slumber

Dead Hour Noise – Locust

Alan Parsons Project – (I, Robot) I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You

Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed

MC5 – Poison

Scorpions – Virgin Killer

Black Sabbath – The Wizard

Judas Priest – Stained Class


Harbinger – Harbinger

Gwar – Maggots

Lord Dying – A Wound Outside of Time

Amon Amarth – Ride for Vengeance

God Macabre – Into Nowhere

Napalm Death – Stubborn Stains

Taake – Det fins en Prins

Thulcandra – Throne of Will

Satan’s Host – See You in Hell (Grim Reaper cover)

Dødheimsgard – Final Conquest

Midnight – All Hail Hell

Gruesome – Closed Casket


Torche – Annihilation Affair

Torche – Bishop in Arms

Torche – Minions

Torche – Loose Men

Torche – Undone

Torche – Blasted

Torche – No Servants

Torche – Believe It

Torche – Barrier Hammer

Torche – Restarter

Sir Lord Baltimore – Master Heartache

Bullet – Storm of Blades

Night Demon – Satan

Bat – Bat

Alcatrazz – Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live


Cacophony – Concerto

Blind Guardian – Twilight of the Gods

Rush – By-tor and the Snow Dog

Ihsahn – The Pain Is Still Mine

Ifing – Realms Forged

Bal-Sagoth – The Obsidian Crown Unbound

Behemoth – Be Without Fear

Entombed – But Life Goes On