Asian Music Mondays — Happy Lunar New Year 16/02/2015

Jessica Lee

Tonight on Asian Music Mondays, Your host Jessica brings you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR playlist! Celebrate Chinese New Year with Jessica as she plays music that embodies the tradition of the New Year.  It’s also a celebration of Korean New Year, Vietnamese New Year, Tibetan New Year and Mongolian New Year, and a lot more other Asia countries. The New Year is based on the Moon Calendar, which means New Year’s is always different every year! Spend your Monday listening to music that pay respects to your elders and wish prosperity to all your friends and family.  As always you can call in and request your favorites at 517-884-8989!  You can also follow this week’s playlist on Twitter @ImpactAMM and Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays.  You won’t want to miss Asian Music Mondays, Mondays from 8-10 PM!

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Check out the Fung Brothers featuring Jason Chu in this silly music video for the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2013!

1.  Various Artists – “Beijing Welcomes You” [Click here for the list of Various Artists]

2.  배호 / Baeho – “누가 울어 / Who is Crying?”

3.  Freddie Aguilar – “Anak / Child”

4. Yangxi Tsendep – “Happy New Year”

5. Katsu Kakako – “The Dance of the Moon”

6.  Dorjee Tsering and Sonam Choekyi – “Losar / Happy New Year”

7.  Black Duck Chorus – “The Half Moon Rises”

8.  오기택 / Oh Ki Taek – “영등포의 밤 / Night of the Po”

9.  Miyuki Nakashima – “Return My Home”

10.  은방울자매 / Silver Bell Sisters – “마포종점 / Mapo Endpoint”

11.  Galymzhan Zholdasbay – “Good Wishes”

12. 新秀 / Astro – “新的一年 / New Year”

13.  嵐 / ARASHI – “ふるさと / Hometown”

14.  Family Outing Cast – “Family Outing”


1.  林淑容 / Anna Lin Shu Rong – “花开富贵来 / Blossoming”

2.  Rong Zong Er Jia – “The Tibetan Song Wishes”

3. Fung Bros ft Jason Chu – “Chinese Lunar New Year”

4.  苏打绿 / SodaGreen – “早点回家 / Hurry Back Home Early”

5.  Feng Wang – Blooming Life

6.  Epik High – “Dedication / 막을내리며”

7.  신화 / SHINHWA – “To My Family / 나의 가족들에게”

8.  G.O.D – “To Mother”

9.  Family Outing Cast – “Family Outing”

10.  SNSD – “Dear Mom”

11.  Red Velvet – “Happiness”

12.  LOVE X STEREO – “Soul City / Seoul City”


13. Ailee – “I Will Show You”