Thee Hourz O’ Power – 2/5/2015

Jacob Nevin


Budgie – Breadfan

Frumpy – How the Gypsy was Born

Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself to Live

Sir Lord Baltimore – Kingdom Come

Dust – Learning to Die

Scorpions – The Sails of Charon

Bullet – Storm of Blades

Night Demon – Satan

Iron Maiden – Prowler

Lord Dying – A Wound Outside of Time

Torche – 3 Minions


Judas Priest – White Heat, Red Hot

Harbinger – Morningstar

3 Inches of Blood – Destroy the Orcs

Death (MI) – Politicians in my Eyes

Amon Amarth – Varyags of Miklagaard

Behemoth – Be Without Fear

Bathory – A Fine Day to Die

Blind Guardian – Twilight of the Gods

Mourning Wolf – Elmhaven

God Macabre – Spawn of Flesh

Om – Pilgrimage


Taake – Gamle Norig

Taake – Orm

Taake – Det fins en prins

Taake – Stank

Taake – En sang til sand om ildebrann

Taake – Kongsgaard bestaar

Taake – Vinger

Napalm Death – Stubborn Stains

Venom – From the Very Depths

Satan’s Host – See You in Hell (Grim Reaper cover)

Drugs of Faith – Loss of Credibility


Old Man Gloom – Never Enter

Konkeror – I, Monolithic

Nadja – Dead Skin Mask (Slayer cover)

Agalloch – Faustian Echoes

Vansköpun – Botnlaust Tómið Hungrar

Oberion – Sun