Pity Party – 2/4/15


Makenzie McNeill

adventures – heavenly

head north – jake’s apartment

the sidekicks – pet

tawny peaks – molehill

whirr – mumble

toy boats – you walk with me like a shadow

forth wanderers – paws

nai harvest – pastel

nouns – dogs

grandview – seeking out gold (the former)

slaughter beach – bed fest

traveling – idealist temperament

death cab for cutie – black sun

deer leap – exceptionally simple theory for everything

be still, cody – dearly dead

tiny moving parts – skinny veins

cloakroom – lossed over

title fight – your pain is mine now

wildhoney – maybe you’re crazy

two inch astronaut – whole crew

olde pine – samsquamch

small brown bike – see you in hell

sundials – dealin’

cave people – cluster

glocca morra – hot and informed

blis. – stationary life

daylight – outside of me

you blew it! – bedside manor

parasol – city limits

explosions in the sky – welcome, ghosts

kittyhawk – sunny day renter’s insurance

walleater – just a boy

petal – left a mark

mansions – yer voice (acoustic)