Asian Music Mondays 26/01/2015

This week on Asian Music Mondays, Your host Jessica brings a special Chinese/Taiwanese edition of Asian Music Mondays! Spend your Monday night with Jessica as she plays music from Taiwan and China. As always you can call in and request your favorites at 517-884-8989!  You can also follow this week’s playlist on Twitter @ImpactAMM and Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays.

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We often find ourselves expressing how we feel in words of song or a form of dance or an act.  Oppression still exists in the world and over history we’ve seen nations fall and rise. This week on Asian Music Mondays, the music Jessica is bringing you is the type of homesick music of the past from China and Taiwan.  Even in the hardest times, artists grew from that experience and created beautiful art. The video below is the famous Man vs Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square, one of the most historical moments in the nation’s country. Join Jessica as she reflects on the music during this time and how music progressed since then. What does it take to stand up?

1.  Dream Girls – “Listening to you”
2.  Jay Chou – “Fantasy”
3.  Shane Cao – “Always Together”
4.  Popu Lady – “Love Bomb”
5.  BY2 – “No Reason”
6.  Panda Bros – “Shining Shining
7.  Coke Lee – “Word We Speak”
8.  Cyndi Wang – “Baby Boy”
9.  Elva Hsiao – “Shut Up and Kiss Me”
10.  Jolin Tsai – “Medusa”
11.  Fahrenheit – “Super Hot”
12.  Gigi Leung – “Butterfly kisses”
13.  CoCo Lee – “A love before time”
14.  Wang Lee Hom ft. Avicii – “Love Myself”

1.  Harlem Yu – “Qing Fei De Yi”
2.  Cui Jian – “Nothing to my name”
3.  Tizzy Bac – “Someone”
4.  Kelly Poon – “Lover”
5.  Chyi Yu – “Olive Tree”
6. Chang Loo – “Soran Bushi”
7. Mayday – “Fool”
8. Teresa Teng – “Goodbye My Love”
9. Faye Wang – “Red Bean”
10. Shunza – “Coming Home”
11. Maggie Fu “Nightmare”/
12. Magic Power – “Who Am I?”