Afterglow 1/18/14

Sean Kaczmarek

The Afterglow: long weekends are my spirit animal. Join Sean for two hours of the BEST electronic, chill-out, and downtempo tracks 9-11pm every Sunday. This week there’s no pressure, Monday’s a holiday! Come chill with new tracks from Panda Bear (!!!) and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead fame!


Come To Your Senses – Panda Bear (new music!)

I’m Not – Panda Bear

New Whip – Amherst

Your Planet – Chrome Sparks

A Careful Ecstasy – bvdub

Mookid – Aphex Twin

Moments In Love – Art Of Noise (request)



Unluck – James Blake

Basefree – Boards of Canada (request)

Antenna – Bonobo

Rapid Winds – DJ Sprinkles

Amethyst – Jonny Greenwood (new music!)

Overtones – Jonny Greenwood

Evil – The Flaming Lips

Separator – Radiohead

Take Your Face Off – Lydia Ainsworth

Orocas – Four Tet

My Weakness – Moby