Pity Party – 1/14/15

Makenzie McNeill

anthony green – the first day of work at the microscope store

aye nako – the rind

somos – dead wrong

the anniversary – the heart is a lonely hunter

braid – killing a camera

brand new – failure by design

restorations – all my home

blis – floating somewhere high and above

gates – bloom

field mouse – a place you return to in a dream

death cab for cutie – the new year

the sidekicks – jesus christ supermalls

fun home – felt so tired

it looks sad. – radical

bellows – hello morning

cheap girls – gone all sumer

title fight – rose of sharon

daisyhead – take

taking back sunday – bike scene

pity sex – acid reflex

saves the day – anywhere with you

dashboard confessional – remember to breathe

american football – i’ll see you when we’re both not so emotional

spencer radcliffe – tattoo

wildhoney – get out of my dreams

young statues – no shadow

runaway brother – moth

ambulars – hiding out

person l – good days

krill – peanut butter

the city on film – easy living rooms

the appleseed cast – innocent violent ordinary

places to hide – get me clean

all dogs – buddy