Asian Music Mondays 01/12/2014

This week on Asian Music Mondays, your hosts Jessica and Lu bring you latest and greatest music with Thank-you theme from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Thailand and beyond, trying to match the Thanksgiving Day and also encouraging students who might feel stressed out due to the coming final! We’ll hear from T-ara, Jane Zhang, Mai Kuraki, AKB48 and more! You can also follow this week’s playlist on Twitter @ImpactAMM.  You won’t want to miss Asian Music Mondays, Mondays from 8-10 PM! Come join us and enjoy the music from Asia, relaxing yourself at the same time!

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Strawberry Milk – “Ok”
CNBlue – “Can’t Stop”
T-ara – “Little Apple”
Girls’ Generation 少女時代 – “PAPARAZZI”
KAT-TUN – “In Fact”
t.A.T.u – “New Model / Новая модель”Henry – “Fantastic
Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears”
Yuzu ゆず – “Hikare / ヒカレ”
Sweet Sorrow – “You”
Nu Virgos / ВИА Гра – “Stop Stop Stop / Cтоп Cтоп Cтоп”
Olivia Ong – “Invisible Wings”
Askhar Zhunisbyekov / Асқар Жүнісбеков – “Your Conciousness / Есіңе аласың ба”

Kuraki Mai 倉木麻衣 – “Wind’s La La La / 風のラララ”
WHO – “I’m too good looking”
Block B – “Her”
SPF – “Personal Beliefs”
Rihwa – “Spring Wind / 春風”
Yo Hitoto 一青窈 – “Pinwheel / かざぐるま”
Hanyun Zhang 张含韵 – “In The Exam / 考试中”
Jay Chou 周杰伦 – “Class 3-2 / 三年二班”
WINNER – “Different”
LUKUS – “So Into U”
Angeline Quinto – “Sana Sana”
Sirusho / Սիրուշո – “Pregomesh / ՊռեԳոմեշ”
Jane Zhang 张靓颖 feat. Jason Zhang 张杰 – “The Offering of Love / 爱的供养”
alan feat. Chen Wei 魏晨 – “Go! You Have Me! / 加油!你有ME”