Asian Music Mondays 11/17/2014

This week on Asian Music Mondays, Your hosts Jessica and Lu bring you the latest music from Asia from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and even Russia! We’ll hear from Chris Li, Taeyang from BigBang, Ostuka Ai, 365 daband, t.A.T.u and more.You can also follow this week’s playlist on Twitter @ImpactAMM and Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays.

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t.A.T.u – “I Have Lost My Mind / Я сошла с ума”
Taeyang – “Only Look At Me / 나만 바라봐”
T-ARA – “Lovey Dovey”
Ai Otsuka 大塚愛 – “プラネタリウム / Planetarium”
Jin Akanishi 赤西仁 – “Eternal”
Park Shin Hye 박신혜 – “Without Words / 말도 없이”
Clémentine – “Why Are You Leaving On Trip / Pourquoi Tu Pars En Voyage”
Eason Chan 陈奕迅 – “Long Time No See / 好久不见”
The Chinese-English cover by Katara, an American girl from New York:  好久不见
Joana Wang 王若琳 – “The Best Mistake I’ve Ever Made”
MAC SARUN feat ETC – “น้ำตาสุดท้าย  / One last tear”
Outsider – “Alone”
Agnes Monica – “Paralyzed”
Chris Li 李宇春 – “See You at the Next Crossing / 下个,路口,见”

Various Artists – “The Rowan Tree of Urals / Уральская рябинушка”
Sayaka Kanda 神田沙也加 feat. Eisuke Tsuda 津田英佐 – “Love Is An Open Door (Japanese Ver.) / とびら開けて”
alan feat. Kei Fukui 福井敬 – “Love Is Power / 愛は力”
Terry Lin 林志炫 – “Mona Lisa’s Tear / 蒙娜丽莎的眼泪”
365daband – “Awakening”
Marwan Khoury مروان خوري – “If… / لو”
Yoon MinSoo 윤민수 feat. Shin YongJae 신용재 – “Fate / 인연”
Galymzhan Zholdasbay Ғaлымжан Жолдасбай – “Good Wishes / Ақ тілек”
Girls Generation 少女時代 – “DIVINE”
SM*SH ft. Stacy – “Hello”
Mad Monkeys – ”แมน แมน แฟนคนเดียว”
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – “Hot Winter / 热冬