Pity Party Playlist – 11/5/14


Makenzie McNeill

pity party playlist – 11/5/14

little big league – property line

deer leap – coffee and keys

restorations – tiny prayers

colossal – table setting

wavelets – my dad the manatee

radiator hospital – half empty

mylets – hungover tehran

tera melos – weird circles

crash of rhinos – wide awake

everyone everywhere – music work paper work

the front bottoms – funny you should ask (request)

descendents – sour grapes (request)

nada surf – popular

whirr – press

the spirit of the beehive – don’t

client. – like a child

this town needs guns – adventure, stamina & anger

you blew it! – batavia, ny

swearin’ – irrational

runaway brother – xeric

laura stevenson – runner

tigers jaw – meals on wheels

mock orange – we work

rainer maria – spit and fire

joyce manor – midnight service at the mutter museum

cloud nothings – i’m not part of me

joanna gruesome – coffee implosion

the jealous sound – a gentle reminder

sledding with tigers – i guess i missed that day in elementary school

joan of arc – the hands

bloom – lung cancer

manchester orchestra – cope