Asian Music Mondays 10/13/2014

In celebration of the League of Legends Worlds Championship tournament on 10/12/2014, your hosts Jessica and Lu bring you a GEEK WEEK playlist.  That’s right! Hear your favorite songs from video games, animes and movies.  You’ll hear from Utada Hikaru, Touhou Project, Boys Republic, and more.

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S.H.E – “痛快 / Satisfaction”
Super Junior – “Sexy, Free & Single”
NAOKI ft. YUKI – “蒼い衝動 / Blue Impluse” from Dance Dance Revolution
Puffy AmiYumi – “Teen Titans Theme Song” (Ami and Yumi are Japanese artists who worked for Cartoon Network Japan may recall the Hi hi Ami Yumi show)
Rica Matsumoto 松本梨香 – “Pocket Monsters”
Boys Republic – “Video Game”
Angela Chang 张韶涵 – “Shaken World / 惊天动地”
Iori Nomizu 伊織 – “I’m By Your Side / ぼくがいる”

Miwa – “chAngE” (from the Japanese anime “BLEACH”)
Wonder Girls ft. Akon – “Like Money”
Pink Lady – “UFO”
Flow – “Remember”
Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル – “Light / 光” (from Kingdom Hearts)
Touhou Project – “Bad Apple!!”

Hatsune Miku – “Loituma Girl” – “Butterfly”
Buono! – “Kokoro no Tamago / 心の卵”
Imagine Dragons – “Warriors”
Masahiko Arimachi 有待雅彦 – “Through The Night”
Sid – “モノクロのキス / Monochrome Kiss”
V6 – “Change The World” (from the Japanese anime 犬夜叉 / Inuyasha)
Faye Wang 王菲 – “Eyes On Me”
Ochi Chieko 越智千恵子 – “Sakura Kiss”
Chihiro Yonekura 米倉千尋  – “Shine In The Storm / 嵐の中で輝いて”
Sayuri Sugawara 菅原さゆり- “Because You are Here / 君がいるから”
Lucky Vacuum – “ビューティフル レシート / Beautiful Receipt” (from Dance Dance Revolution)
Huan Liu 刘欢 feat. Jie Ke Jun Yi 捷克俊逸 – “The Heaven and The Earth Is In My Heart / 天地在我心”

Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル – “Passion” (from Kingdom Hearts II OST)