Thee Hourz O’ Power – 10/16/2014

Jacob Nevin


Judas Priest – Here Comes the Tears

Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor

Devin Townsend Project – Rejoice

Wastelander – Hibernation Sickness

Blind Guardian – Imaginations from the Other Side

Striker – Taken by Time

Opeth – Voice of Treason

Botanist – Wisteria

Black Crown Initiate – Great Mistake

Bat – Bat

The Swill – The Void and the Vision


Orange Goblin – Into the Arms of Morpheus

Weedeater – Monkey Junction

Panopticon – The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong

Mirrorthrone – A Scream to Express the Hatred of a Race

Hrizg – With a Crown of Bitterness

Starkill – Virus of the Mind

Electric Wizard – I Am Nothing

Gruesome – Savage Land

12am WDBM

Exodus – Black 13

Exodus – Salt the Wound

Exodus – Body Harvest

Exodus – BTK

Exodus – Wrapped in the Arms of Rage

Exodus – My Last Nerve

Exodus – Honor Killings

Exodus – Food for the Worms

Tetragrammaton – First Sermon

Gatecreeper – Void Below


Panzerchrist – At The Grave

Pyre – Insanity

Epicurean – The Author and the Architect

Eos – Avalé

Ifing – The Stream

Verlies – L’Absolution

Vansköpun – Botnlaust Tómið Hungrar


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