Asian Music Mondays 10/06/2014

Tonight we’ll bring you great music from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Tajikistan and beyond! We’ll hear from Zuying Song , Mayday, Girl’s Generation, AKB48 and more!

The CEN or China Entrepreneur Network will be holding a special event including an internship fair and performances this Friday at the Erickson Hall Kiva from 3-6 PM.  The event will be held in English and all are welcome to attend!  Find more information here:

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Zuying Song 宋祖英 – “My Motherland / 我的祖国”
Hu Si Leng 呼斯楞 – “Swan Goose (Mongolian Ver.) / 鴻雁(蒙語版)”
Yiruma / 이루마 – “River FLows In You / 너의 마음속엔 강이 흐른다”
Girls’ Generation TTS – “Holler”
Big Bang – “Fantastic Baby”
F.I.R – “The Thorn Birds / 刺鸟”
Rong Zhong Er Jia 容中尔甲  – “ The Tibetan Song of Wishes / 玛尼之歌”
Ann 白安 – “What’s Next? / 接下来是什么” (by request)
JJ Lin 林俊杰 – “I’m The One / 就是我” (by request)
Sugar Eyes – “สายตายาว (Sai Dtah Yao) / Far-sighted”
K-OTIC – “ฝากไปเตือนเขา / My Warning”

Dai Nhan – “Tro Lai Tim Em / Back to Find You”
Ailee 에일리 – “손대지마 / Don’t Touch Me”
Mild – “LOVE SICK”

Hyori Lee 이효리 – “Miss Korea / 미스코리아”
Daiji Man 大事MAN – “That’s a Big Thing / それが大事”
Thuy Tien – “Kiss Me” (Vietnamese-Pop)
Mayday 五月天 – “Born to Love / 为爱而生”
Brown Eyed Girls – “Sixth Sense”
Lead – “Still”
AKB48 – “The Stamen, the Pistil, and the Evening Butterfly / おしべとめしべと夜の蝶々”
Nigina Amonkulova Нигина Амонкулова – “Otash Оташ”
Ken Hirai 平井堅 – “Gaining Through Losing”
KOKIA – “White Snow / 白い雪”
David Archuleta – “Nandito Ako”
Fiona Fung 馮曦妤 – “A Little Love”