‘Fairchild Fanfare’ Properly Celebrates Renovations

By Audrey Matusz

On Sept. 13, The Fairchild Theatre was an overflowing melting pot of American jazz tunes, German chamber music, Italian opera, and other worldly sounds to kick off the new concert year and properly celebrate the theatre’s recent renovation.

As part of the Michigan State Federal Credit Union’s Showcase series, A Fairchild Fanfare was a medley of musical talent put on by the College of Music. Beyond the festivities, this concert was particularly special because it highlighted some students and faculty at Michigan State University.

“I really love these kinds of concerts because they show so much variety and how talented our College of Music is at Michigan State. I think it will be great for people to see that we are talented in all areas and that it isn’t just the one group that really sticks out like the singers, or the percussion, but it really is across the board, a very fine program,” said Schyler Sheltrown, an operatic soprano at MSU pursuing a Masters in Music.

Sheltrown was one of the six honored students that were selected from the vocal department to perform the famous opera sextet “Chi Mi Frena In Tal Momento” from the opera, “Lucia di Lammermoor.” Sheltrown added that alumni in the audience should recognize the music from the alma mater “MSU Shadows.”

During the 90 minute program, the audience watched performances by chamber groups composed of brass, strings, vocals, and even electronic instruments from the college’s contemporary music ensemble, Musique 21. This unique arrangement of performances along with the diversity in the program made for a fast paced evening that appealed to a vast range of musical tastes.

The Professor of Music, Director of Choral Programs, and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, David Rayle, compared the evening to attending a  “smorgasbord or buffet.”

Aside from visual beauty of the “remarkable” renovations, Rayle mentioned how the internal transformations of the theatre reflected the transformations occurring in the College of Music.

“The choirs have never had a place to perform on campus. So, being able to perform and rehearse in a space on campus is really transformative. I think the Jazz people would say the same thing. It’s the perfect place for faculty chamber music,” said Rayle.

Fairchild Theatre is located on 542 Auditorium Road, East Lansing. A calendar with future events hosted by the theatre can be found online at music.msu.edu.