Asian Music Mondays 09/08/14

Tonight we are celebrating Mid-autumn Festival! To learn more about Mid-Autumn Festival, please click here. Join us as we play music from Korea, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and beyond!

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Una (우나) – “Arirang (아리랑)”
Kiroro キロロ – “BEST FRIEND”
alan 阿兰.达瓦卓玛 – “My Moonlight / 我的月光”
G.O.D (지오디) – “To Mother” (어머님께)
Cyndi Wang 王心凌 – “Moonlight / 月光”
Matsu Takako 松たか子 – “The Dance of The Moon / 月のダンス”
SHINHWA (신화) – “To My Family / 나의 가족들에게”
DALI – “The Legend of Moonlight / ムーンライト伝説”
Noriko Sakai 酒井法子 – “The Blue Rabbit / 碧いうさぎ

Girls Generation – “Dear. Mom”
SM Entertainment Family – “Dear My Family”
Faye Wang 王菲 – “Always Faithful / 但愿人长久”
Kun Chen 陈坤 – “Yue Ban Wan / 月半弯”

Epik High – “Dedication / 막을내리며”
Teresa Teng – “The Moon Represents My Heart / 月亮代表我的心”
Chihiro Onitsuka 鬼束ちひろ – “Moonlight / 月光”
Freddie Aguilar – “Anak (Child)”
Super Junior Happiness – “Cooking Cooking”
Black Duck Chorus 黑鸭子演唱组 – “The Half Moon Rises / 半个月亮爬上来”
Hello Project All Stars (Morning Musume) – “All For One One For All”
Song So Hee 송소희 – “Cannot Live Without Love / 사랑 없인 못 살아요”
KOKIA – “Thank You / ありがとう”
Chyi Yu 齐豫 – “The Olive Tree / 橄榄树”
Yeng Constantino – “Salamat (Thanks)”
Kris Philips 费翔 – “The Cloud of My Hometown / 故乡的云”
SodaGreen 苏打绿 – “Hurry Back Home Early / 早点回家”