Thee Hourz O’ Power – 9/4/2014

Jacob Nevin


Acid Bath – Bleed Me an Ocean

Riot – Don’t Hold Me Back

Battlecross – My Vaccine

Megadeth – Set the World Afire

Alestorm – Surf Squid Warfare

3 Inches of Blood – Destroy the Orcs

Iron Maiden – Dream of Mirrors

Hammerfall – Hector’s Hymn

Amiensus – Healer

Sigh – In Devil’s Arms

Carcass – Keep on Rotting in the Free World


Botanist – Wisteria

Neopera – Remote

Nightwish – The Kinslayer

Weedeater – Monkey Junction

Accept – Stampede

Judas Priest – Halls of Valhalla

Dust – Learning to Die

Sir Lord Baltimore – Master Heartache

Iron Butterfly – Iron Butterfly Theme

Death – Politicians in my Eyes

Kvelertak – Blodtørst

Bloodbath – Weak Aside


Crimson Shadows – March of Victory

Crimson Shadows – Rise to Power

Crimson Shadows – Heroes Among Us

Crimson Shadows – A Gathering of Kings

Crimson Shadows – Maidens Call

Crimson Shadows – Braving the Storm

Crimson Shadows – On the Eve of Battle

Crimson Shadows – Freedom and Salvation

Crimson Shadows – Dawn of Vengeance

Crimson Shadows – Moonlit Skies and Bloody Tides

The Chasm – A Portal to Nowhere


7th Nemesis – Omega Dei

Oberion – Sun

YOB – Nothing to Win

Electric Wizard – I am Nothing

Midnight – The Final Rape of Night

Svartur Dödur – Unicron (En studie i ondska)

Testament – Disciples of the Watch

Destruction – Bestial Invasion



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