Pity Party Playlist – 8/27/14


Makenzie McNeill

Pity Party Playlist – 8/27/14

i will be okay everything – the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die

moose blood – moving home

headroom – please

donovan wolfington – american spirits

whirr – flashback

what moon things – squirrel girl

estates – teenage

the appleseed cast – here we are (family in the hallways)

the replacements – hold my life

the dead milkmen – if i had a gun

caves – work

whirlpool – wasteland

little american champ – worse days

lifetime – ferret

dikembe – hood rat messiah

nice try – no good

the promise ring – best looking boys

nai harvest – buttercups

runaway brother – blueberries

johnny foreigner – shipping

prawn – dialectic of…

frameworks – loom

touche amore – ~

hightide hotel – i know what the word gone means

pet symmetry – please dont tell my father …

taking back sunday – beat up car

band of horses – the funeral

mountains for clouds – why i fight dragons

the menzingers – my friend kyle

joyce manor – schley

special explosion – clotheslined

sunny day real estate – theo b

rainer maria – breakfast of champions

mansions – not my blood

rilo kiley – small figures in a vast expanse