Pity Party Playlist – 8/20/14


Makenzie McNeill

Pity Party Playlist – 8/20/14

moose blood – bukowski

wavelets – my dad the manatee

algernon cadwallader – uniform

basement – animal nitrate

mahogany – drowsy

minus the bear – lies and eyes

reggie and the full effect – get well soon

joanna gruesome – secret surprise

the hotelier – in framing

the dead milkmen – if i had a gun

coping – where’s a.t. at?

everyone everywhere – the future

death cab for cutie – pictures in an exhibition

cayetana – scott get the van, i’m moving

dads- if your song title has the world “beach” in it, i’m not listening to it

the front bottoms – au revoir

alex g – rejoyce

mansions – climbers

the casket lottery – black heart wench of death

football, etc. – sudden death

the mineral girls – carpet whiskey.

seahaven – goodnight

laura stevenson – runner

manchester orchestra – i can barely

three man cannon – the egoist

the exquisities – setting sun

dogbreth – new friend

good luck – the story, rewritten

crash of rhinos – wide awake

tigers jaw – charmer