Thee Hourz O’ Power – 8/14/2014

Jacob Nevin


Blind Guardian – Ashes to Ashes

Overkill – Bitter Pill

Judas Priest – Battle Cry

Oz – Turn the Cross Upside Down

Iron Maiden – Phantom of the Opera

Alestorm – Surf Squid Warfare

Devin Townsend Project – Kingdom

Sabaton – Wehrmacht

Kalmah – Hades

Arch Enemy – Time is Black


Amon Amarth  – Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

Kadenzza – The Abyss Stares at You

Panopticon – In Silence

Svartur Dödur – Twist and Shout (The Beatles cover)

40 Watt Sun – Carry Me Home

Electric Wizard – I Am Nothing

Mastodon – Tread Lightly

Megadeth – Lucretia

Fates Warning – Fata Morgana


Botanist – Stargazer

Botanist – Callistemon

Botanist – Cinnamomum Parthenoxylon

Botanist – Gleditsia

Botanist – Rhizophora

Botanist – Dianthus

Botanist – Leucadendron Argenteum

Botanist – Pteridophyte

Botanist – Wisteria

Botanist – Erythronium

Botanist – …Gazing…

Kreator – Pleasure to Kill

Artillery Breath – Frozen

Emperor – Towards the Pantheon

Misery Index – Conjuring the Cull


King Diamond – Killer

Black Death – Black Death

Acid Bath – Bleed Me an Ocean

The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss’ -Also Sprach Zarathustra- – Lime

Opeth – The Lotus Eater

1349 – Sculptor of Flesh

Carcass – Exhume to Consume

Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie

Wormlust – The Larvean Inauguration


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