Asian Music Mondays: Taiwanese Father’s Day 08/11/2014

Tonight we’re celebrating Taiwanese Father’s Day!  Every year people in Taiwan celebrate Father’s Day on August 8th because “8.8” (baba) resembles the pronunciation of “father” or “dad” in Chinese.  We’ll hear songs about fathers from Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia.

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Chris Hung 荣宏 feat. Jay Chou 周杰 – “Dad /
Aiko Moriyama 森山愛子 – Flower and The Father / 花と小父さん
PSY – “Father / 아버지
Reno Wang 铮亮 – “Where Did Time Fly / 时间都去哪儿了
Eason Chan 陈奕迅 – “Bike / 单车
Insooni 인순이 – “Father / 아버지 BEGIN – “The Flower of Sanshin / 三線の花
Kusuo 九州男 – “Father / 父親
Buren Bayaer 布仁巴雅 – “My Father’s Grassland, My Mother’s River / 亲的草原母亲的河
Jaurim – “Dear Mother”
Buren Bayaer 布仁巴雅 – “Father in Ulan Bator / 乌兰巴托的爸爸

Wenjun Man 满文军 – “Understand You / 懂你
Jay Chou 周杰 – “以父之名 In the Name of the Father”
JUJU – “Overflowing With Kindness / やさしさで溢れるように
BTOB – “Father / 아버지
Ohashi Takuya 大橋卓 – “Thank You / ありがとう”
Brothers Chopsticks 筷子兄弟 – “Father /  (ending theme from the short film Father)
Juleps – “Baton Hand-off / バントタッチ
RSP – “Gratitude / 感謝
Beyond – “Return the Favor / 报答一生
S.H.E – “Golden Shield and Iron Clothes / 钟罩铁布衫”
Various Artists – “Daddy, Where Are We Going? / 爸爸去哪儿” (from the Chinese show “Daddy, where are we going?”)
Kyung-Ho Cho 崔京浩 – “Father / ” (by request)