Asian Music Mondays 08/04/2014

Tonight on the show we’re celebrating Qixi Festival (七夕 in China), or Tanabata (七夕 in Japan), or Chil Seok (칠석 in Korea), otherwise known as Chinese Valentine’s Day!

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Videos about this festival (with English subtitles):

Some terms about this festival in English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese:
Qixi Festival:  七夕 (Qi Xi), 칠석 (Chil Seok), 七夕 (Tanabata)
* All of these words literally mean “the evening of the seventh
* 乞巧节 is the alternative name for Qixi Festival, which literally means “the festival to plead for skills”. Traditionally, back in the ancient times, young girls would dress up and pray that they would be as skillful as the Weaving Maid

Altair:  牛郎 (Niu Lang), 견우 (Gyeon-Wu), 織姫 (Oriheme)
Vega:  织女 (Zhi Nv), 직녀 (Jing-Nyeo), 彦星 (Hikoboshi)

Mayday 五月天 – “LOVE-ing / 恋爱ING”
Sabão シャボン – “Update / アップデート
Jam Hisao 萧敬腾 – “Princess / 王妃
IU and Ulala Session – “Anxious Heart / 애타는 마음
Kym 金莎 – “Legends / 新月神
Brown Eyed Girls – “L.O.V.E”
Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル – “First Love”
Homme – “It Girl”
Baek Ji-young 백지영 feat. Taecyeon 택연 (2PM) – “My Ear’s Candy / 귀에 캔디
Trouble Maker (Jang Hyun Seung 장현승 feat. Hyuna 현아) – “Trouble Maker”
Nancy Ajram نانسي عجرم – “ Make Myslef Wise / أعمل عاقلة (Aamel Aekla)”
Lee Sunhee 이선희 – “Fox Rain (Sunshower) / 여우비”
Kuraki Mai 倉木麻衣 – “Fall In Love / 恋に恋して
Beni – “A Little Love Song / 小さな恋のうた

Black Duck Chorus 鸭子演唱组合 – “The Butterfly Lovers / 梁祝
T-ara feat. Davichi – “We Were In Love / 우리 사랑했잖아
Thelma Aoyama 青山テルマ feat. SoulJa – “I’m By Your Side / そばにいるね
BoA 보아 – “Every Heart”
Big Bang – “Every Day / 하루하루 (by request)
Sarah Chen 陈淑桦 – “Time Flies / 流光飞舞
Kris Phillips 费翔 feat. Julia Zhu – “The Phantom of The Opera / 剧魅影
Pchy – “Only You / เพียงเธอ” (by request)
Jay Chou 周杰 – “How Are You / 你好吗 (by request)
Vincy Chan – “My Feelings /
Yui Aragaki 新垣結衣 – “Red Thread / 赤い
Faye Wong 王菲 – “I’m Willing / 我愿意
Girl’s Generation – “Oh!”