Weekday Wrap Up

Keep on reading to check out what some Impacter’s have been listening to this week!!

Marketing Director Shelby Doyle
I’ve been listening to a lot of Deap Vally lately. My friend saw them open for Band Of Skulls earlier this summer and said they were awesome, so I checked them out – They were right. They remind me of a time when there actually was such a thing as rockstars. And what more do you actually need than two babes completely rocking out?

Music Review Sean Kaczmarek
I’ve been marinating in noise, ambient, drone and post-rock this week; sometimes vocals just get on your nerves. Discovered a bandcamp project with the super enjoyable track “silicon” that’s simultaneously relaxing and energizing, but I’m not really feeling the other track they have up so far. SUPER stoked that Pharmakon will be releasing a new album this October, and I’ve been binging one of my favorite drone albums of all time, Time Machines by Coil. It might make you space out on the highway and cause a pile-up, so listen responsibly!

Music Director Michelle Feghali
Finally the Jungle debut album dropped this past Tuesday and it’s been on repeat on my Spotify ever since. This band is for anyone who enjoys some light-hearted vocals and can jive to some funky rhythms. These guys remind me of Earth Wind and Fire if they came together in 2014. Tracks to check out: “Busy Earnin'” (personal fav), “Time”, “The Heat”, and “Lucky I Got What I Want.” Overall, I’m groooovin’.

Music Reviewer Eric Finkler
I first heard Jerk Ribs by Kelis (as made famous by her hit song Milkshakes, only 90s kids will understand) on Sit or Spin a few months ago and I remember it being contentious. I didn’t remember if it was included in our rotation, but I heard it play a few days ago and was extremely excited. The song carries a bit too long I will say, but I enjoy hearing it each time. I didn’t much care for the music video though. It was basically just her modeling for photographers in various locations. It made me wonder if they were just filming some random photoshoots she was hired to do or if they hired the photographers to take pictures of her for the music video. Seemed like an excess of employees if it were the latter, but hey, we do have an unemployment problem in america, maybe I should be praising them.

Assistant Music Director Stacey Karl
I haven’t really been listening to anything new lately except I did get to catch a show at GTG House earlier this week. Absolute Boyfriend played second and ruled pretty hard. They’re a three piece from East Lansing with some serious garage pop vibes AND they use a telephone as a microphone. Their set included a very chill cover of “Sex And Candy” by Marcy Playground. AbsBoy don’t have any recorded material out yet but they’re playing a show at Mac’s Bar August 20th if you want to check them out!