Asian Music Mondays 07/28/2014

Tonight we’ll hear new music from Taeyang and G-Dragon, Sistar, Homme, and tons of music out of Japan, China, and Taiwan!

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Twitter: @ImpactAMM

Taeyang – “Stay with Me (feat. G-Dragon)”
Sistar – “Touch My Body”
Cyndi Wang 王心凌 – “My Curved Eyelashes / 睫毛弯弯
Ra.D 라디 – “As Always / 그렇게
Angela Chang 张韶涵 – “My Lost Happiness / 遗失的美好 (by request)
Verbal Jint – “Just Another Rapper (feat. San E, Swings) / 반도의흔한랩퍼
Jaurim – “Dancing Star”
Ono Kensho 小野賢章 – “FANTASTIC TUNE”
Hitomi Shimatani 島谷ひとみ– “The Girl With a Flax-colored Hair / 亜麻色の髪の乙女 (amairo no kami no otome)”
IU and Ulala Session – “Anxious Heart / 애타는 마음
Novasonic – “Peok-doe Jalnat Gaetji / 퍽도 잘났겠지
AAA – “Memories of Fragrant Summer Winds / 風に薫る夏の記憶
Yida Huang 黄义达 – “That Girl Said To Me / 那女孩对我说
Akaya Hirahara 平原綾香 – “Once More / ふたたび (fu ta ta bi)”

Homme – “It Girl”
T-ara – “Cry Cry”
Wilber Pan 玮柏 feat. Rainie Yang 杨丞琳 – “Snoring / 打呼
Namie Amuro 安室奈美惠 – “CAN YOU CELEBRATE (feat. Taro Hakase 葉加瀬太郎)”
Masafumi Akikawa 秋川雅史 – “A Thousand Winds / 千の風になって
Akdong Musician – “Melted / 얼음들
JULEPS – “The Day When The Trip Begins / 旅立つ日 (ta bi da tsu hi)”
BAAD – “I Wanna Shout Out that I Like You / 君が好きだと叫びました (Kimiga Sukida to Sakebimashita)”
Aoi Teshima 嶌葵 – “The Song of Therru / テルーの唄 (Teru no Uta)”
Kara – “2Night”
Mayday – “Float Above These Troubled Times / 乱世浮生 (Luan Shi Fu Sheng)”
Yuzu ゆず – “Summer Scenery / “夏色
Kai Takahashi – “Cannibal”
Sugar’s Campaign – “After School Ghost / 放課後ゆうれい
Avec Avec – “Marmalade Boogie”