Sit or Spin 7.27.14

My panel of four tonight focused their attention on sweet instrumentations and what makes sense to the listener. They were vibin’ on Spider Bags and Broods but not so much on Ryan Adams and Dead Stars. Tune in next week for more new jams!

Sad Modernity by Frontier Ruckus : spin

Reina by Field Mouse : spin

Gimme Something Good by Ryan Adams : sit

Did We Live Too Fast by Got A Girl : spin

Absisto by Cold Specks : sit

Up We Go by LIGHTS : spin

Ghosty by Little Racer : spin

Summer Bummer by Dead Stars : sit

Chem Trails by Spider Bags : spin

Smalls by JPNSGRLS : sit

Lose It All, All The  Time by EDJ: spin

On My Mind by Liam Bailey : sit

Mother & Father by Broods : spin

Dangerous Days by  Zola Jesus : spin

Queen by Perfume Genius : sit

NEW DORP, NEW YORK by Sbtrkt, Ezra Koenig : spin