Thee Hourz O’ Power – 7/10/2014

Jacob Nevin


Black Death – Night of the Living Death

Iron Maiden – For The Greater Good of God

Overkill – Tyrant (Judas Priest cover)

Dio – Strange Highways (Live from Live in London: Hammersmith Apollo 1993)

Pantera – Shattered

Saxon – Denim and Leather

Devin Townsend – Sinner (Judas Priest cover)

Jag Panzer – Harder than Steel

Fear Factory – Cars (Gary Numan cover)

Fates Warning – Fata Morgana


Blind Guardian – Beyond the Realms of Death (Judas Priest cover)

Helloween – Judas

Riot – Altar of the King

Gamma Ray – Exciter (Judas Priest cover)

Exciter – Mistress of Evil

Diamond Head – The Prince

Iced Earth – Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest cover)

Anvil – Metal on Metal

Warlock – Sign of Satan

Slayer – Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest cover)

Halford – Resurrection

Lizzy Borden – Psychopath

Arch Enemy – Starbreaker (Judas Priest cover)


Judas Priest – Dragonaut

Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

Judas Priest – Halls of Valhalla

Judas Priest – Sword of Damocles

Judas Priest – March of the Damned

Judas Priest – Down in Flames

Judas Priest – Hell & Back

Judas Priest – Cold Blooded

Judas Priest – Metalizer

Judas Priest – Crossfire

Judas Priest – Secrets of the Dead

Judas Priest – Battle Cry

Judas Priest – Beginning of the End


Death – Open Casket

Autopsy – Forever Hungry

Vader – Where Angels Weep

Arch Enemy – Time is Black

Sabaton – Soldier of 3 Armies

Mayhem – Watchers

Mastodon – Asleep in the Deep

Marty Friedman – Horrors (co-written by Jason Becker)

Death – Painkiller (Judas Priest cover)

3 Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners

Sortilege – Sortilege


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