Weekday Wrap Up

Makenzie McNeill

These Impact staff members are very excited to share what they’ve been listening to this week. Don’t they have such great music taste?


Marketing Director Shelby Doyle

On Sunday, my friends and I took a little 8 hour journey drive home from the UP after some 4th of July shenanigans. As far as music in my car goes, you have two options: radio or CDs. Usually I opt for the radio, but after a weekend in a cabin with only bug spray, beer and white bread I did not have the energy to constantly scan the radio as we drove in and out of reach of different stations. Luckily, my friend has an extensive collection of CDs. The sun was setting and we were all feeling peaceful after a nature-filled weekend, but sad that we had to leave all it’s beauty behind. Band of Horses’ Acoustic at the Ryman played in the background and completed the movie scene we seemed to be unknowingly a part of. Ever since then I have been listening to them – dreaming of log cabins, hammocks, and infinite forests ~

Assistant Program Director Jacob Richards

Animal Collective member and incredibly talented solo musician, Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear), is set to come out with a new solo album soon (?) called “Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.” If the title isn’t creepy enough to get you, his track record is pretttty good (read as: amazing) so far. Panda makes some incredibly dense, psychedelic, mind-bending, but also incredibly likable and catchy music that rides the line perfectly between experimental and accessible. Recently I was using his latest album, “Tomboy”, to fall asleep to. His wispy, ethereal, dream-like soundscapes are great to lull you to sleep, all the while keeping you interested and entertained trying to keep up with all the layers and puzzle-pieces to his songs. Here’s my personal favorite track off the album, Last Night at the Jetty.

Music Reviewer Ian Wendrow

Continuing my long held belief that every UK band besides England is amazing, Scottish group The Phantom Band released Strange Friend and theres no better way to describe it than just plain fun. I could compare it endlessly to Neutral Milk Hotel or Black Moth Super Rainbow hell even Kurt Vile but honestly just listen to this song because even if it doesn’t totally sway you it’ll be an entertaining few minutes.

Office Manager Sami Leonardo
Pitchfork is coming up soon so what I’ve been doing is replaying through the artists that are playing at this festival. Of course there are my favorites that I play all the time, like Cloud Nothings, Wild Beasts, Grimes, etc. Lately, though, I’ve felt the need to reconnect myself with the rap/hip hop world. So, in honor of Pitchfork and rap/hip hop, I’ve been really focused on Earl Sweatshirt. Not only because he will be playing at Pitchfork but because his beats are really catchy and lyrically his verse has more depth rather than just generic blanket statements. Like any good artist, he got his solo career by releasing his own mix tape and later his first full length album. This is his first full length album Doris.