Asian Music Mondays 07/07/2014

Tonight we’ll hear the latest from K-pop artists IU and Taeyang of Big Bang, as well as music from Hebe Tian, Glen Check, and more!  During the 9 o’clock hour, get ready to rock out as we’ll hear punk, rock, and metal from Asia!

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Twitter: @ImpactAMM

Ulala Session & IU – “Anxious Heart / 애타는 마음
Taeyang (of Big Bang) – “Eye, Nose, Lips / 눈, 코,
Kai Takahashi – “Cannibal” (Kai Takahashi on soundcloud)
Sugar’s Campaign – “After School Ghost / 放課後ゆうれい
Brown Eyed Girls – “I Want To Fly / 날아갈래
Louie (of Geeks) – “Secret / 비밀
Jaurim – “Dear Mother”
Glen Check – “Paint It Gold”
Hebe Tian 田馥甄 (of S.H.E.) – “Colorful World / 花花世界
Omodaka – “Monkey Turn”
Neon Bunny – “It’s You / 너여야
Dynamic Duo – “Mom’s Dweonjang-guk (feat. Ra.D) / 어머니의 된장국
831 – “Iron Man / 钢铁人
Queen Sea Big Shark – “Glow In The Dark”

Noh Hong Chul and No Brain – “Hot Weather Seagull / 더위먹은 갈매기
Gayo Top Ten – “Excuse / 핑계
Lazybone – “Big Blue Water / 큰 푸른 물
MONGOL800 – “A Small Love Song / 小さな恋のうた
Ares – “Digital Human / 디지탈인간
MergingMoon – “Greyen”
Apollo 18 – “Sonic Boom”
Melt-Banana – “The Hive” (Impact 89FM Interview with Yako of Melt-Banana)
No Brain – “If I / 만약 내가
Crying Nut – “The Secondhand Radio / 고물 라디오
Brain Failure – “Human”
Mayday – “Leaving the Surface of the Earth (Jump!) / 离开地球表面
Galaxy Express – “Like The First Time / 그 날처럼
The Black Skirts – “Chivalry / 기사도