Weekday Wrap Up

Makenzie McNeill

We were so full of hot dogs and Oberon this weekend that our Weekday Wrap Up is coming to you a couple days late. Check out what our staff members have been into this week below!


Marketing Director Shelby Doyle

All this Common Ground talk has got me listening to some Earth, Wind & Fire (they perform on Sunday July 13 which is kind of random, but totally cool). My mom was raised in Detroit so Motown was a big part of my childhood – I can never get enough. I have The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire Vol. 1 on vinyl. I don’t think it gets much better than that. Mhmmm September on repeat.

Assistant Program Director Jacob Richards

The newest slice of bedroom pop from Frankie Cosmos has been out for a little while now, but I recently just dove back into it because I missed it so much. Although her newest offering, Zentropy, is only 10 tracks and a mere 17 minutes, it’s some of the most personal, free spirited, and just straight up catchy music I’ve heard all year. Most of the songs here barely flirt with the 2 minute mark, but that doesn’t stop them from being just as emotionally impactful as a “normal” full length pop song. If you want songs about loving your brother that you’ve never met, hating school and getting high because of it, and tear-jerkers about dead dogs, this album is a must. Even if none of things apply to you, missing out on this album would be doing yourself an incredible disservice… plus it’s only 17 minutes, ya jerk.


Office Manager Sami Leonardo

This week I’ve been all about one of my favorite garage rock bands The Orwells. Every since I found out earlier this week that I’ll be interviewing them during Common Ground, I’ve been obsessing over their music to get myself prepared for the awesomeness that I’m going to experience next week. My love for the Orwells first began with their 2012 album Remember When, specifically the song In My Bed. Since then I have not only listened to all of their discography but I also have kept up with their newer tracks off of Disgraceland. To me I will never get tired of their static guitars and vocals that sound like they’re singing into a mic while standing in a box. Either way to celebrate not only a chance to interview one of my favorite bands, as well as a possible follow on twitter from Mario Cuomo (yes I fan girled a little) I bring the song that inspired my interest in The Orwells, this is In My Bed.


Assistant Music Director Stacey Karl

Total Control came out with a new album called Typical System and it’s absolutely insane in the best way possible. It’s a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. They’re pretty much a modern day garage rock version of Devo. I highly recommend a listen 10/10.


Events Director Makenzie McNeill

Alex g is an artist and Temple University student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (where most of my favorite bands tend to hail from) specializing in the area of “bedroom pop.” I first stumbled upon his split 7″ with R.L. Kelly through bandcamp a little less than a year ago and I have been following him ever since. His first mastered full-length called DSU just came out through Brooklyn’s Orchid Tapes at the end of June. The songs are heart-wrenchingly intimate and warm. I want to give this album a bear hug and never let go. My favorite track is called Black Hair and I happened to play it on last week’s Pity Party (tune in Wednesdays at 8-10PM lol).