The Vibe 6/14

Colin Jackson

Happy Father’s Day! Tonight on the Cultural Vibe Spenny Ray and Cjax interview Shinobi Ninja, kick it with A Tribe Called Quest, vibe with Chamillionaire and much more. Shinobi Ninja discusses playing SXSW, opening for George Clinton, and thrift shopping. If you have a thirst for cultured, musical, inter-generational Hip-Hop and R&B, look no further than tonight’s episode of the Vibe. Use #VibinDirty on twitter for the latest Vibe information. Follow our playlist below to keep up with the show!


Shinobi Ninja Interview

Songs not on spotify are below:
Alexandra Blakely – Polarity

Alexandra Blakely – One Step

Alexandra Blakely – Sister Warriors

Alexandra Blakely – Already Change

Mursday  – New Years Day

Mursday – Beast Out the Box

Mursday – Spiked Punch

Mursday – Serge’s Song

Abstract Artform – As The Crow Flies

Abstract Artform – B.A.M.F.

Abstract Artform – Life Goes On

Swollen Members – Nemesis

Swollen Members – Brand New Day

Swollen Members – Supernova

Los Rakas – Malibu Girl

Los Rakas – Africana

Chance The Rapper – Good Ass Intro 

Ice-T – Six ‘N’ The Morning

Immortal Technique – Industrial Revolution

Kids These Days – Don’t Harsh My Mellow

Proof – 72nd and Central

Shinobi Ninja – Day Daze

Chance The Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses

Common – The Light

Mohammad Danger – Break of a Star

Danny Brown – 25 Bucks

Ratking – Wikispeaks

Fat Tony – Father’s Day