Asian Music Mondays 06/02/2014

Tonight we’re featuring artists singing in other languages, including English and other Asian languages!  Hear K-pop artists singing in Japanese and Chinese, Chinese artists singing in English and Japanese, and even artists from Thailand and Malaysia singing in Chinese as well!

Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル – “Come Back To Me” (Originally composed in English)
U-Kiss – “0330 (Japanese Version)”
August Band – 爱情不是一切 / Love Is Not Everything (Chinese Version)”
Girls Generation – “Run Devil Run (Japanese Version)”
Orange Caramel – “第一次爱的人 / My First Love (Chinese Version)”
Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿 – “Tonight I Feel Close To You (feat. Kuraki Mai 倉木麻衣)”
Big Bang – “ ハルハル / Day by Day (Japanese Version)”
Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶 – “万物生 / Alive (Sanskrit Version)”
Kyu Hyun 규현 (from Super Junior) – “如果你也听说 / If You Also Heard”
Fiona Fong 冯曦妤 – “Proud of You” (Originally composed in English)
Mayday – “Do You Ever Shine” (by request)
Miss A – “Touch (Chinese Version)”
Otsuka Ai 大塚愛 – “星象 / Planetarium (Chinese Version)”

Mayday and flumpool – “日文版 / OAOA (Japanese Version)” flumpool and Mayday performing together at Earth X Heart 2013
alan .达瓦卓玛 – “明日への讃歌 / The Hymn to Tomorrow” (Japanese Version)
Teresa Teng 邓丽君 – “時の流れに身を任せ / Traces of Time”
Jang Nara 장나라 – “Sweet Dream (Chinese Version)”
Joanna Wang 王若琳 – “The Best Mistake I’ve Ever Made”
Shila Amzah – “你的夜 / The Night When I Missed U (Chinese Version)”
Girls Generation – “The Boys (English Version)”
IU – “New World (Japanese Version)”
Beyond – “遥かなる夢に / Far Away (Japanese Version)”
SHINee – “Sherlock (Japanese Version)”
Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears (Chinese Version)”
TVXQ 東方神起 – “O”-.. / O-Jung.Ban.Hap (Japanese Version)”
BoA feat. VERBAL – “Bump! Bump! (Japanese Version)”