Asian Music Mondays: Cover Songs 05/19/2014

This week on a special Cover Songs Edition of the Asian Music Show, we’ll discover that music truly is the universal language!  Hear Asian artists covering Western songs like CCR’s “Proud Mary” and fun.’s “We Are Young”, as well as Asian artists covering other Asian artists, and even some Western artists covering Asian songs!

Joanna Wang 王若琳 – “Lemon Tree” (Mandarin Chinese cover of the song by Fool’s Garden) (Amazon) (iTunes)
Love X Stereo – “Wave of Mutilation” (Cover of The Pixies song)
Hayley Westenra – “いつも何度でも / Always With Me” (English cover of the theme song of the Japanese anime movie Spirited Away)
Annie Lennox – “Keep on Loving You” (English cover of “ージュ/ Lipstick” by Miyuki Nakajima 中島美雪)
Izzy – “Shima Uta / Island Song” (English cover of a famous Okinawa-style song)
Bobbi Kim & Buga Kingz – “물레방아 인생 / Waterwheel Life” (Cover of Cho Young Nam’s Korean cover of “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Amei Zhang 张惠妹 – “排山倒海 / Topple the Mountains and Overturn the Seas” (Mandarin Chinese cover of “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill)
Ito Shohei 伊藤祥平 – “We Are Young” (Japanese cover of the song by fun.)
Teshima Aoi 嶌葵 – “家族の風景 / Memory of Family” (Japanese cover of an Irish folk song called “Down By The Salley Gardens” & “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”)
Joi Tsai 蔡淳佳 – “ / Affection” (Mandarin Chinese cover of a French song called “Je M’appelle Hélène”)
S.H.E – “远方 / Far Away” (Mandarin Chinese cover of “How Did I Fall In Love With U” by the Backstreet Boys)
Wheesung 휘성 – “Insomnia” (Korean cover of the song by Craig David)
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – “日不落 / Sun Will Never Set” (Mandarin Chinese cover of “Sunshine in the Rain” by BWO)

Natsukawa Rimi 夏川りみ – “涙そうそう / Tears for U” (Okinawa dialect Ver.)
Big Bang – “붉은 노을 / Sunset Glow” (Rap cover of Korean singer Lee Moon Sae’s song)
Lee So-Eun 이소은 – “오래오래 / For a Long Long Time” (Korean Cover of a Mandarin Chinese song called “绿光 / Green Light” by Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿)
Hacken Lee 李克勤 – “红日 / Red Sun” (the Cantonese cover of a Japanese song called “それが大事 / Those Are What Really Matters” by 大事MAN DaijiMAN)
Teresa Teng – “釜山港へ帰れ / Come Back To Busan Port” (Japanese cover of Korean artist Cho Yong Pil’s song “돌아와요 부산앙에 / Come Back To Busan Port”)
Love X Stereo – “Dream” (Cover of Korean artist Cho Yong Pil’s song)
Huang Pinyuan 黄品源 – “鹭鸶 / White Egret (Hokkien cover of a Japanese song called “涙そうそう / Tears For You” by 夏川りみ Natsukawa Rimi)
Natsukawa Rimi 夏川りみ – “永遠の月 / The Eternal Moon (Japanese cover of a Chinese song called “月亮代表我的心 / The Moon Represents My Heart” by Teresa Teng 邓丽君)
Kuraki Mai 倉木麻衣 – “儚さ / Fragility” (Japanese cover of “画心 / Painted Heart” by Jane Zhang)
MC Sniper – “우리 사랑했잖아 / We Were In Love (feat. Loco, Sohn Seungyeon)” (Rap cover of the ballad “우리 사랑했잖아 / We Were In Love” by Lyn)
Cyndi Wang 王心凌 – “Honey” (Chinese Cover of Lee Jung Hyun’s (이정현) “Summer Dance”)
May – “Lydia” (Korean cover of the Chinese song with the same name by F.I.R)
Han Xue 韩雪 – “飘雪 / Falling Snow” (Chinese cover of “雪の花 / Snowflakes” by Mika Nakashima 中島みか)