Thee Hourz O’ Power – 5/15/2014

Thee Hourz O Power - 5/15/2014

Jacob Nevin


Metal Church – Beyond the Black

Dark Moor – Somewhere in Dreams

Woods of Ypres – Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground

Aura Noir – The Pest

Sauron – Witch King

Genocya – Hatred in the Flesh

Danzig – Twist of Cain

Messenger – Midnight

Mercyful Fate – Melissa

Cavalcade – Swale


Down – Conjure

Loinen – Portto

The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra” – Meat

Septicflesh – The Eldest Cosmonaut

Nekrogoblikon – No One Survives

Brujeria – Vayan sin Miedo

Behemoth – O Father! O Satan! O Sun!

Aborted – An Enumeration of Cadavers

Benighted – Spit

Cormorant – Sold as a Crow

Verlies – Marcher Sur Le Vide


Dark Winter – Amidst the Winterplague

Dark Winter – Niflheimer (Realms of the Dead)

Dark Winter – Vetr Hamr

The Jackpine Snag – Brother Eye

The Jackpine Snag – With Wings

The Jackpine Snag – The Missaukee Strut

The Jackpine Snag – What I Done

The Jackpine Snag – The Grand River Float

The Jackpine Snag – La Ventura

Amiensus – Morgawr

Ghost Bath – Torment


Old Man’s Child – Passage to Pandemonium

Triptykon – Tree of Suffocating Souls

Konkeror – I, Monolithic

Bolt Thrower – Cenotaph

Locktender – The Man with the Broken Nose

Morgue of Saints – Desert Jam

Volbeat – 7 Shots

The Swill – The Void and the Vision

Cannibal Corpse – Five Nails Through the Neck


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