10 Bands Named After Household Items That Are Household Names

Let’s face it; at one point or another you’ve tried to come up with the perfect band name for the band that you “may” create in the future. Challenged accepted, you think in your head. You jog your memory for a little inspiration, which turns into a frantic look around the house to find that your perfect band name is lying around the house. You weren’t the only one with this idea. The bands listed below also thought the easiest way to name a band is go with what you know.

10. Spoon
Now this name is as simple as it can get. While looking through your own utensil drawer, you think why didn’t I think of this myself? This indie rock band went with the easy way out by picking the name Spoon for their band and although their name is simplistic, in the nicest of terms, the band is nothing of the sort. With a discography of 7 albums, they can’t be deemed simple at any level.

9. The Coathangers
So you search through the closet and see that ugly jacket you bought years ago hanging on a boring white coat hanger, but his punk band from Atlanta knows how to spice up life with a little punky attitude. They break all the stereotypes of what three women can sound like with their raspy, guttural voice.

8. Twin Forks
What’s better than one boring fork? Two twin forks of course! Even though forks have been around before year 1000, this band has just barely been around the music scene. They just released their first album this year off of Dine Alone Records. Oh the irony of dining alone with twin forks.

7. Baths
So you may have found yourself stumbling into the bathroom in dire need of a bath, and there your name for your band flashes before your eyes. Will Wisenfeld has found his true calling making his interesting electronic beats that you can jam to while taking a bath.

6. Maps & Atlases
You’re the worldly person who is super cultured and you want everyone to know about it. So you hang your maps & atlases around the room to show people that you travel and see the world. Although Maps & Atlases has only released two full-length albums, they have been touring huge venues like SXSW and others that they could pinpoint on their own map.

5. The Cranberries
So you may have gotten hungry after taking jogging your mind for the perfect band name. Obviously food solves all problems, but all you find on your kitchen shelf is an old container of cranberries. You’re a poor college kid; of course you’re going to eat them. Even though they may be old, like the band itself, they’re still palatable.

4. Sleigh Bells
It’s Christmas time again in the household and what’s Christmas time without good o’ sleigh bells? Although the droning sound of those constant sleigh bells may get on your nerves, the sound that the band itself creates is beautiful noisy pop that inspires less Grinch behavior and more delightful cheer.

3. Purity Ring
At one point in your life, you promised your parents to stay pure until marriage. Well one thing led to another and now that ring sits under your dresser. Though the whole ring thing may have been a bust, the band will make you rethink the purity ring with their electronic beats (for the music of course).

2. The Books
You love books, or at least you have a huge collection of aesthetically placed decor. As you look at the cluttered shelf of books you never read, you realize that these books need to go, which the same way the Nick Zammuto felt about his own band thus ending The Books in 2012.

1. The Whigs
So you may be balding just a tad bit, but it’s not noticeable. Okay.. it’s completely noticeable to the point where you need a w(h)ig. Although you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that you still don’t rock like the Whigs themselves. Most of the members are in their 30s now, which isn’t even mid-life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t keep putting out another album or two.

Written by Sami Leonardo
Image credit: www.goddess.co.za