Weekday Wrap Up

Are classes over? Can it be? Here are the tracks and artists that got us Impacters through the last week of classes.

Music Review-Content Relations Director Eric Finkler
So I’ve been into Andrew Jackson Jihad for the past several years, but generally stuck to two albums. This week I’ve begun exploring their entire discography and am continuously surprised at the vulnerability they display with each song. From lyrics that discuss a petrifying fear of hurting others to songs focused on the evil and good aspects of humans. AJJ delves into the dark side of humanity like in the song, “Bad Bad Things,” (a song narrated by a man in the process of murdering a family) but can bring you back up with the song, “People,” that praises humanity for being a beautiful thing despite all the darkness that comes alongside it.

Assistant Office Manager Sami Leonardo
Lately I’ve been really into SOHN with a little bit of The Damn Choir. The latest album from SOHN is absolutely beautiful. Christopher Taylor’s voice is absolutely dreamy, to me it sounds like the Weeknd and James Blake had a love child and produced Christopher Taylor. His newest album Tremors is just the right amount of vocals, electronics, R&B, soul etc. Overall, this album is beautifully produced and performed, for those reasons it’s something that anyone can get lost in which makes this a really good album.

Content team member Alex Byers
I’ve always been a big fan of Jurassic 5, but I’ve delved a little deeper near the end of the school year here. Concrete Schoolyard is perfect for jamming and cruising on a longboard. Work It Out is perfect if you’re looking for a song to bump in your car, with your hand out the window. I mean, it has Dave Matthews Band in it, so you know it’ll be chill. Jayou is perfect if you’re a jazz flute fan, with a subtle riff in the background. Ron Burgundy likes jazz flute, so I can dig it.

Content team member Nick Richardson
I’ve had a thing for hard garage rock bands with female singers this week. I’ve been listening to a lot of The Kills and The Dead Weather (who share a vocalist in Alison Mosshart) along with my favorite live band ever Flint Eastwood.

Content team member Ian Wendrow
Breakcore or die. Ultraviolence by Mister Nobody. Also some liquid drum & bass. White by Rollcage.

Content Director Kevin Glide
I’ve been listening to Talking Heads a lot. More than usual. I watched that movie This Must Be The Place with Sean Penn on Netflix last week and that song has been stuck in my head ever sense. I’ve also been addicted to “I Might Survive” by Architecture In Helsinki. Remember when I went bonzer for Sex on Toast? It’s like that but with another “noun preposition noun” band from Australia.