Asian Invasion 04/14/2014

Tonight on the Asian Invasion hear the latest from K-pop stars Akdong Musician, Hyorin from Sistar, a special orchestral version of a song from Taiwanese indie group Sodagreen, as well as a segment of western style music from Korea and China!

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Akdong Musician – “200%”
Crayon Pop – “Uh-ee”
Jay Chou – “斗牛 / Basketball Match” (by request)
Sodagreen – “你被写在我的歌里 / You Are Written In My Song (Orchestral Version)”
Yali Huang 黄雅莉 – “蝴蝶泉边 Butterfly Fountain”
Fish Leong 梁静茹 – “小手拉大手 / Big Hand Little Hand”
Shinhwa – “Venus”
NS Yoon G – “야시시 / Yasisi”
Love X Stereo – “Soul City (Seoul City) [Impact In-Studio Exclusive]” (Love X Stereo on bandcamp)
Nan Quan Mama – “再見小時候 / Goodbye Childhood”
Fiona Sit – “复刻回忆 / All You Need Is Me (feat. Khalil Fong)”
Aska Yang – “初爱 / First Love”
Mayday – “约翰蓝侬 / John Lennon”
Faye Wong – “给自己的情书 / A Love Letter To Myself” (by request)

Hannah Kim – “爱转了一圈 / Love In A Circle”
Mad Clown – “견딜만해 / Without You (feat. Hyorin of Sistar)”
Jay Chou – “枫 / Maple” (by request)
Escape Plan – “夜空中最亮的星 / The Brightest Star in The Night Sky” (by request)
Jay Chou – “断了的弦 / Broken String” (by request)
Lee Sun Hee – “인연 / Fate” (by request)
2YOON – “24/7”
Fish Leong – “Beautiful”
Jay Chou – “牛仔很忙 / Busy Cowboy”
Hebe Tian – “花花世界 / Colorful World”
SG Wannabe – “라라라 / La La La”
Kim Tae Chun – “용서해주세요 / Please Forgive Me” (Kim Tae Chun on bandcamp)
Lee Hyori – “사랑의 부도수표 / Bounced Love Checks”
Chen Chi Chen – “After 17” (by request)
Stefanie Sun – “绿光 / Green Light”